17 apr. 2013

mooi boek

Via Marktplaats heb ik dit prachtige boek gekocht  "The Book of Samplers" geschreven door M Fawdry en D Brown.
Kort wordt erin gegaan op de geschiedenis per eeuw van de  merklap. Per hoofdstuk zijn er diagrammen en kan je de steken zelf borduren.  Het boek heeft mooie platen . Een moderne merklap kan je uiteindelijk zelf maken.

I have bought a second hand book called "The book of Samplers by M Fawdry and D Brown.The sampler is one of the most charming traditional forms of embroidery, first made as a record of stitches and later as a picture to be framed and proudly displayed by its maker. This book traces they history of the sampler from the first surviving specimen dating back to the 16th century to the present day where there it has a renewed popularity among both antique collectors and those seeking relaxing needlework. This book, lavishly illustrated in color and monochrome, is the first work to look at samplers both historically and practically. Each historical chapter is followed by a practical section explaining, with all the necessary diagrams, the stitches and motifs found on the samplers. A large modern sampler, specially designed and worked for this book is shown at the end, and is accompanied by full directions on how to work it. 

Ik ben er erg blij mee. I am very pleased with it.

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