30 jan. 2009

Chicken scratch

I am participating in Sharon B's stitching Explorer 2009.
The fisrt stitch we had to explore was the 'chicken scratch"
I have never done other stitches than cross stich. So I am learning alot.
I am also a miniaturist and like making items in 1/12th scale. I made a sampler with the chicken scratch on gingham 2mmx2mm. I found the double cross stitch does not work in this scale. I have to keep it simple .

I also made a miniature book.

I also decide to make a sampler with all the stiches and after finishing all the stitches I can hang it on the wall. I make the sampler with blue colors

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Just a minute while I find my glasses. WOW!


  2. I think we need the magnifying glass as well as the glasses!! Great Work.

  3. Goodness, this is wonderful! i admire your craftmanship, it is a pleasure to look at!

  4. How extraordinary! Thank you for sharing such a clever concept and your hard work!

  5. Dag Saskia,

    Net als jij heb ik ook gewerkt op ruitjes van 2 mm. Helemaal regelmatig is het niet geworden, toch ben ik erg tevreden met het resultaat. Zie http://borduurblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/chicken-scratch-4.html .